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1. The classic Rapid Prototyping  user: RP service providers, RP departments of larger companies (Automobile, electric und electronics industries, medical engineering, appliance manufacturers)

The program is interesting for these companies, because it  affords the possibility to work with completely new types of material, acquisition is very cheap compared to established RP processes and many companies are already equipped with the necessary milling machines.

 2. The customers of the classic RP service providers: Designers, modellers, foundries, prototype builders

Because of the low acquisition costs in comparison to the established RP processes (today small milling  machines are available for $5,000 to $10,000), the program is an interesting alternative for the customers of RP service providers, allowing them to build their own prototypes. Especially important are the possible  savings in time and the avoidance of coordination problems between customer and service provider.

3. The classic CNC-user: Machine shops, tool makers, precision engineers

For this group the program is an interesting  addition to the existing NC applications in the production area. Unlike with expensive conventional NC programming or out-of-house contracting for molded parts, many small parts for individual jobs or small series can  be manufactured in-house using Millit.

4. Many other users: Builders of architectural models, goldsmiths, artists, electronic shops, laboratories, engine shops, furniture industry, applied arts

For these users the  program offers brand new possibilities: the milling of jewelry and works of art, of small parts and mechanical appliances for the electronic or chemical engineering, as well as the manufacturing of spare parts no longer  available (specifically cast parts), for example in the automobile and classic car areas. There are no limits to the creative opportunities of using Millit.